Galwewa - 2010

This is now my third visit to this little school and I am surprised to see that the number of children has remained fairly static.   The danger for these little schools removed from the main area is that they will close due to dwindling enrolments. 


It was a little later in the morning than I would have liked when we arrived at Galwewa School.         

Again we needed to unload the car and the children eagerly did this as usual and waited noisily, but patiently, for us to begin the process of giving the items we had for them.  I had decided the previous day that I needed to buy thongs for each child so we had those along with all of the bags, hats, books, pencils, play and sports equipment to give out.   


It was like a process line!  The teachers organised the children into the grades and they came in to us in order and eagerly awaited their packages.  They were delighted as usual and returned to their classrooms to open them and see what was inside.