Galwewa - 2011

When we arrive at the Galwewa School the children were waiting anxiously for us.  They had prepared a small welcoming ceremony which was very nice.  After that, we had a meeting with the Principal and then proceeded to arrange to give out gifts to the children.  They were all eating the chocolate and biscuits we had bought for them whilst patiently waiting for us to start.

Grade by grade, we called them to come up and receive their gifts.  As usual, they were happy with the education packs but the biggest hits were the gifts, dolls for the girls and cars/trucks for the boys.

By the time we had finished, they all had a bundle of things to take home.  There were smiles all around and by now a few parents had come and they were very pleased with the education packs as you would imagine.
Once the process had finished, the children wanted to do a small concert for me.  They are so serious when performing traditional Sri Lankan dance and folk-song. 


It's delightful to watch as they go through their routine.  I suppose, they don't get to perform in front of a foreigner very often.

​Immediately the official part of the day was over, the boys grabbed the cricket bats and balls and were off into the playground for a game of cricket.  They beckoned me to take the bat, but alas.....  I'm not much good at batting so let them have all the fun.
Unbelievably, the time has flown and it's 1.30pm and it's home time for the children and we need to move onto the orphanage so we bid them all farewell for this year and promise to see them all again next year, except of course for those children in grade 5, they will be moving on to a higher level school for grade 6 and beyond.