Galwewa - 2014

What a great day spent with these kids.  We unloaded the van and sorted the goods.  It's time for the official welcome.


The English teacher had organised a small Perahera (parade). There were dancers, drummers, flag bearers and an elephant. What great fun.  There was a small singing concert, a speech by two students and another by the principal. 

Then I was greeted by the kids and adorned with many fragrant flower necklaces. So many in fact, I had to hang some from my wrists. Boy were they heavy but so beautiful. 

The English teacher gave a demonstration of how well the children are picking up English through her efforts and resource material that we donated last year. 

There were many parents present and a staff member from the local Ministers office. Raja took the opportunity to explain our purpose and promote continued education for children as the future for this country. 

After all the goods were distributed, we came together with all the teachers, principal and the lady from the ministers office for a much needed drink and snacks.

We invited the little boy from across the road to join the celebrations. He was a student at the school when we first visited. He is suffering mental illness and is now too old to attend this school and his parents believe his medical condition prevents him from attending higher level classes. This is the truth. In these rural areas of Sri Lanka, there are no services for kids with different needs. 

We left a small sum of money with the mother to help pay for medicines Kasun needs. 
By now it's 2 pm, the kids have left and it's time for us to leave as well.