By providing children living in very poor conditions with:

School bags filled with exercise books, a pencil case filled with coloured pencils, erasers, sharpener, a grey lead pencil and a pen.  We also provide a pair of school shoes, socks, drinking bottle, sunhat, toy, colouring or story book.  To the school we also donate sporting equipment.


We help the school by giving the teachers much needed resources including:

Crayons, texta pens, coloured paper, educational posters, library books, coloured pencils and many other useful items. 


We currently work with seven schools, two Montessori kindergartens and one orphanage.

In 2017 through the funds raised at IMHS Charity Op Shop we were able to purchase a pair of school shoes and socks for every child we support.

Prior to 2017 we would select one school and purchase the school shoes and socks, and the children at the other schools would receive a pair of thongs each.

We are able to provide lunch for the children, their parents and others in the village each year.  This has become a big annual event with more than 100 people attending at one school.

All schools we provide yogurt and biscuits for all children; foods they would rarely get the opportunity to eat.

We provide sanitary pads to all girls and teachers needing them.  They are fabric and reusable.  Toilet bags are filled with soaps, shampoo, toothpaste etc for the children in the orphanage and others were possible.

There is a former student at one of our schools who has multiple health issues and requires monthly visits to the doctor at a hospital, a four hour drive away.  This child also has monthly medicine bills of 5000 rupees ($50) and we donate two months medicine and transport costs for this family.


We provide the following:

  • winter clothing for the homeless

  • support locals in need via referral

  • donate large baby items to Mums Supporting Families in Need (located locally)

  • share larger donations with other op-shops

  • support and participate in "Neighbour Day"

  • promote Frankston Food Swap and other community events